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Your IT infrastructure underpins your business success. It needs to support your day-to-day operations and facilitate your future growth.
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Priority 1: Major Business Impact

A fault that critically impairs the business and has no workaround solution.

For example, if your server has gone offline this would be a Priority 1.

Priority 2: Significant Business Impact

A fault that seriously impairs the business and has no workaround solution. However, the business or user can continue in a restricted mode

Priority 3: Moderate Business Impact

An intermittent hardware/software problem. The business/user is still able to perform key tasks. A new user request would be classified as a Priority 3

The user can use another device as a temporary measure.

Priority 4: Inconvenient Business Impact

A fault for which there is no direct impact on business operations & the problem usually impacts a single user, or is required for the orderly maintenance of the network or client administration.

Priority 5: New Service or Project Request

A request for a new service, device and software etc.

Priority 6: Lorem ipsum dolor sit

A service request for a new user or leaver, password reset, amendment to an email group etc.

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